Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nail Haul!

Yeah so today I went a little bit crazy with the nail polishes. I went shopping with the intention of getting three - Models Own Utopia, Ibiza Mix and Hedonist and I ended up with nine... oops. But at least it's a good excuse to do a blog post!

Models Own
I'm very happy that I got Utopia, because it's such a gorgeous neutral colour and I did want to put Ibiza Mix over it, but it wasn't in stock :(. Then I got distracted from Hedonist because my friend recommended Pink Fizz. Eh. I'm not in love with it, it might be nice to try it over Utopia.

Now, these were supposed to be my only two purchases, but once I got into TK Maxx I saw some brilliant bargains that I couldn't pass up!

I'm a new Essie convert and when I saw three different colours for £9.99 I got very excited, and it was very difficult to choose a combination!

Two of these didn't have their name labels on started searching when I got home, so I actually thought that Ballet Slippers was Fiji at first but it is more of a peach sheer than pink.

True Love is just a gorgeous pink, from my Mum's reaction I think she might be stealing it. It's very thin - the picture below has three coats, but it works well.

Now Aperatif may not actually be Aperatif, but it's the best guess I could make out of the colours that TK Maxx sell. This is a really nice red, but the actual polish is really thick, which was my original problem with Essie. Once you can cope with the gloopiness it's worth it!

Nails Inc
Now with these I have a bit of buyers remorse. As happens sometimes with Nails Inc, the colours look so much nicer in the bottle than on your nails, but at £14.99 for four, I can't really complain. I guess the two that I do like outweigh the two that I don't.

I really like New Burlington Place, which is a bright shimmery red and Symons Street which is a shimmery teal, even though it's photographing more blue.

Wardour Mews is okay, like a glittery pinky bronze, I can't really describe it but I definitely have a similar one from Topshop that I prefer.

Then we come to Lexington Street... ugh. I really wanted to love this polish, I thought it could be a nice sparkly alternative to plain black when I'm feeling goffick but I just don't love it. It's gloopy and just doesn't sit on the nail nicely :/

Hope you liked my first blog post/haul - if you want to chat, agree or disagree with me you can do so in the comments or on my twitter!

Megan Diva xo

Hi everyone!

I've decided to actually use my blogspot account rather than just my wordpress for my music blogging.
I will be writing about my shopping habits, including beauty products and clothing, perhaps a few of my instagram photos and just general posts about my life. I may even venture into outfit of the day type posts when I decide I like what I'm wearing!

It won't be anything special but if anyone fancies reading my little ramblings then that would be nice :)

Megan Diva xo