Friday, 7 September 2012

Weekly Wants #6

1. Leather-look skater skirt - River Island, £20
2. Metallic luxe scarf - River Island, £16
3. Totoro necklace - Temporary Secretary, £8
4. Gold spike ring - Topshop, £8.50
5. Studded loafers - Boohoo, £20
6. Brown tassle hobo bag - New Look, £24.99
Weekly Total - £97.49

Even though I've been shopping this week, there's still a bunch of stuff that I want - go figure!

The Totoro necklace is just so cute I can't handle it, it's one of my favourite films and I just think it's kitsch enough to go with anything. I was recently introduced to Temporary Secretary jewellery and I'm looking forward to my first purchase being this!

I know studded loafers have been around forever and everyone already has a pair, but these ones from Boohoo are cheaper than the Topshop ones and just seem really nice quality.

Anyone who knows me, knows about my ongoing struggle with bag addiction. I saw the brown hobo bag in New Look and my Mum had to pry my hands off it. I know I don't need any more bags, but I'm sure this will join my collection very soon.

I hope you like my weekly wants, let me know what some of yours are!
If you have any comments or questions leave them below, or you can chat to me on twitter.

Megan Diva xo

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  1. Thanks again for the shout out, and thank you for supporting the indie businesses - really appreciate it xxxx