Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lush Christmas List

Now I know I said that I'd be buying my Christmas presents from Sweet Scents this year, not Lush, I already had this post planned so I'm going to do it - but check out my review of some Sweet Scents products here!

1. Sea Spray Hair Mist
2. R&B Hair Moisturiser
3. Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream
(I just have to try this, not even sorry)
4. Buffy Body Butter
5. Dirty Soap
(A personal favourite)
6. Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Let me know if you want any of these fabulous Lush items, or if you've tried them and want to let me know what they're like! I love the Dirty Soap so that will be a repurchase but all the rest are new - I know, I've never had Snow Fairy before, gasp!

Leave any comments or questions below or chat to me on twitter :)

Megan Diva xo


  1. You NEED to get snow fairy! Its gorge :)

    1. Ah I know, I've heard such good things about it! Will be making a purchase soon :) xo

  2. I love the LUSH Christmas products, great choices, I really want the bubble beard :)
    Daniella x

    1. Yesss their Christmas range is the best. I've never tried the bubble beard, sounds fun though! xo