Monday, 26 November 2012

Music Monday Reborn

Before I started this blog, I had a music blog called Plugged In on wordpress which has remained untouched since August. I never really got into the swing of things with it, but one post I always like doing was Music Monday's, where I wrote about the songs that I'm loving at the moment.

So, I've decided to bring that over here! Who says everything has to be beauty or fashion related, music is a massive part of my life and if you'd like to read about it, I'll write about it!
Be warned, my music tastes can vary to extreme ends of the scale, like this week!

The Seeking - Alone

I discovered The Seeking after my beloved Tyler Carter, lead singer of Issues and formally Woe, Is Me tweeted a link to this song, Alone. I immediately liked this and searched them on Spotify to hear the rest of the album. They kind of sound like The Wanted, if Max decided to scream on a couple of tracks. It's lovely and the last 30 seconds reminds me so much of Desolate, The Conductor, which is fantastic.

Hunter Hayes - Somebody's Heartbreak

I just seem to have a thing for male country singers. John Mayer is one of my all time favourite artists, I'm addicted to Jake Owen - Alone With You and I've already posted about my love for Landon Austin. Hunter Hayes is just a continuation of this trend, Somebody's Heartbreak is my favourite track on his stellar album - Faith To Fall Back On and What You Gonna Do were close contenders. He's only 21 yet he's reached a level that 40 year old's pray for. Now all I need is a Mayer/Hayes duet....

Rihanna feat. Chris Brown - Nobody's Business

I know, it's weird. I should hate it, but I can't help it. Chris Brown's music is a guilty pleasure of mine and Rihanna continually makes catchy songs, so put the two of them together with a Michael Jackson sampler and I'm hooked. Don't judge, just listen.

Let me know what your musical favourites are at the moment, and if you like that I've brought some music into this blog. Leave any comments or questions below or chat to me on twitter

Megan Diva xo

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