Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Latest in Beauty box

TRESemme Split Remedy, Overnight Skin-booster Serum,
St. Tropez SPF 30 Tan Enhancer
Now I know these beauty boxes have become a really common thing, but I know I never really have a spare tenner to spend on a Glossybox when I might not like everything that's in it. That's why I like Latest In Beauty's sample boxes, because you just pay for the postage, and you can choose three samples that you want.

This month I've ended up with TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment, which I'm dying to try because I have long hair which is prone to split ends.

I've also got an Overnight Skin-Booster Serum from Face The World, which I'm going to try out to help make my under eyes a little bit brighter as they are a little grey and sallow thanks to my terrible sleeping habits.

The last sample is from St. Tropez, which I thought was just a sample of their normal self tanner, but now I can see that it's actually SPF 30 protection with a tan enhancer, so it's the best of both worlds! It will protect me from UVA and UVB rays while helping to develop a tan. I'm looking forward to trying this if the sun makes another reappearance!

I'd definitely recommend the Latest In Beauty boxes to anyone, they do luxury boxes too if you have a little more cash to spend than me!

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Megan Diva xo


  1. YAY finally someone else who uses Latest In Beauty! The TRESemme samples are amazing, I got them twice just to stock up for my holidays haha the treatment is lovely :)) Terri x

    1. Yes they definitely deserve more hype! Ooh yay, I'm looking forward to giving my hair a treat with them then :D xo