Saturday, 18 August 2012

MUA Haul!

Brush On Concealer, Lipsticks Shade 3 and 12, Flair Eyelashes,
Bronzer Shade 1, Pressed Powder Shade 2 and Blusher Shade 2

Like most girls I know, I'm currently in love with MUA! I've bought so much from them in the past few months, I feel like I've almost doubled my make up collection with their bargains.

You just don't expect such good quality products for £1 - all this stuff came to less than a tenner, which absolutely blows my mind.

I bought the Vixen lashes awhile back and they are some of my favourites, so I'm trying Flair out as a less dramatic pair.

I tried the pressed powder, bronzer and blusher today when I went to the hairdressers and they work together for a lovely day time look. It probably wouldn't be enough for full coverage on a night out, but you could always combine them with liquid foundation. I was also really impressed with the brush on concealer - it's the perfect shade for my skin and covered up my under eye greyness.

I'm very excited to use these lipsticks, they are so rich and creamy. Shade 12 is a gorgeous summery pink and Shade 3 is definitely going to become my go to lip colour this Autumn. The blusher is a pale pink colour with looks really nice and natural, more of a toned down version of my Mac Ambering Rose.

Are you on the MUA train yet and do you have any of these products? If you have any comments or questions you can leave them below or chat to me on twitter!

Megan Diva xo

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