Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Terri Bacon, if you haven't checked out her blog before you definitely should, it was so sweet of her to nominate me!

The Rules:
1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you. You must create a new set of 11 questions for the people you nominate.
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers to nominate, linking them in your post.
4. Go to their blog and inform them of their nomination.
5. Absolutely no tag backs.
6. Remember to only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

11 things about myself...

1. I'm 20 years old, but I still get ID'd everywhere I go.
2. I'm studying Journalism at UCLan, about to go into my 3rd year.
3. I live in Rotherham, I can say bad things about it but you can't.
4. I currently have two cats, but I'd have 10 if I could, and lots of Chihuahuas and Greyhounds.
5. I spend most of my money on gigs, even more than clothes or make-up.
6. I eat vegetarian meals but can't ever say no to Nando's chicken.
7. I can't have the TV volume on an odd number.
8. I'm equal amounts OCD and an absolute slob.
9. I'm perpetually single.
10. I love my Mum more than life itself. I can't imagine my world without her.
11. I love films, but I actively avoid ones that are over hyped.

11 questions from Terri...

1. What are your three staple make-up products?
Foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. I'd feel like my face could be finished with just those three things.
2. What made you start blogging?
Honestly, it was a requirement on my course in first year. That blog became my music one and then I decided to set up a beauty and fashion blog because I enjoy reading others and talking about it.
3. Your favourite place to go on holiday, and why?
Well I haven't been to many places, but definitely Paris. The city itself is beautiful, great shopping and of course there's Disneyland Paris!
4. If you could only use one item of make-up, and wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would that be and why?
This is difficult! I need foundation when my skin is bad, like right now, but I feel like I look half asleep without eyeliner, so I'd have to choose that! I'd probably choose my burgundy skater dress, leather jacket, leggings and ankle boots - it can work dressy or casual and warm or cool.
5. Name two of your favourite blogs at the minute and give a reason why?
An all time favourite is Llymlrs, I'm constantly checking her blog, and a new one would be Vicky's blog Daily Hoot!
6. What is one thing you wish you owned and why?
My own car, and the money to insure it. It's soul destroying catching buses and trains when I can drive, just can't afford insurance on my Mums car, never mind my own!
7. Do you have a favourite item of clothing? If so, what is it and why?
My Primark leather jacket! It's battered, was really cheap, and now I've studded it I love it even more!
8. Explain your skin care routine.
In the morning, I use my Neutrogena Grapefruit Daily Scrub, my Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Facewash, then finish off with my Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash.
In the evenings I remove my make-up with a Simple cleansing wipe, I'll use a Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix cleansing wipe if I'm having breakouts. Then I use my new additions - Lancôme Galatéis Douceur and Tonique Douceur - these have changed my life. Then I'll use the Simple moisturising wash again.
9. Are you a shoe or a bag person? Or maybe both?
Oh definitely both! Wedges and flats are my shoe obsessions, I can't handle heels unfortunately, and I just lust after so many bags people have had to drag me away from displays, especially in River Island...
10. Who or what is your style inspiration?
I don't have any specific inspiration, I read lots of magazines and blogs and if I see something that looks nice on someone then I do some research and try and find a way that it would work for me. I definitely don't follow all trends, like you'll never catch me wearing creepers (ugh) but I'm guilty of falling hard for army jackets and getting my own.
11. Is there a quote or saying that you hold on to? What is it and why?
Well I have 'Never Lose Your Flames' on my bedroom wall, a lyric written by Tyler Carter formerly of Woe, Is Me, and I love that, I feel like it means you should always stay strong and true to yourself and not dull your shine for anybody else. I can't think of anything else that isn't ridiculously cliché.

I nominate...

1. Vicky, Daily Hoot
2. Nicola, itsneecola
3. Jessica, Powder Blue
4. Helen, Beautifully Superfluous
5. Victoria, VikBeauty
6. Danielle, FloralDanielle

My 11 questions to them...

1. If you could only buy clothes from one shop, which would it be and why?
2. Do you have any piercings or tattoos and what are they? If no, do you want any?
3. What is your Saturday night dancefloor song?
4. Do you have any weird quirks or obsessions?
5. What is your guilty pleasure film?
6. Sweet or salted popcorn?
7. What is your favourite thing to write about on your blog?
8. Which band/artist would you most love to see live?
9. Are you a morning or night person?
10. If you could go on holiday anywhere tomorrow, where would it be and why?
11. Could you go through a normal day at school/university/work without make-up?

Hope you enjoyed reading this, thanks again to Terri for the nomination!

Megan Diva xo


  1. Hi Lovely! Thanks for nominating me ;) What is the award about and when do nominations close? x

    1. Heyy :) To be honest I'm not really sure if its an award or just a way to get to know different bloggers, I just followed the rules from Terri who nominated me!


  2. Thanks so much for nominating me :)
    It's not an actual award, it's just a way to see new bloggers!
    I did a Liebster Award post a few weeks ago, and will do another one soon :)

    1. Okay, that's what I thought!
      No problem, I look forward to reading your next one :)


  3. I've just posted my post for this! thanks for nominating me!
    you can see it here: http://itsneecola.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/liebster-blog-award-2.html
    nicola xxx